Photographer captures amazing pictures of pollen cloud engulfing city


Photographer captures amazing pictures of pollen cloud engulfing city

A mixture of grass and tree pollen has caused misery for hay fever sufferers across much of the south-eastern United States.

(Jeremy Gilchrist)
(Jeremy Gilchrist)

A photographer has captured striking images of a cloud of pollen engulfing a city in the United States.

High levels of pollen have been recorded across the south-eastern United States but a particularly thick blanket was caught on camera in Durham, North Carolina, by Jeremy Gilchrist.

(Jeremy Gilchrist)

Mr Gilchrist used a drone to take the pictures, which he shared on Facebook saying: “No tricks here. Yes you are looking at a green haze made up of tree pollen from the pines of central NC!”

He told CNN he had slightly altered the contrast of the images but they were otherwise untouched.

(Jeremy Gilchrist)

The high pollen levels, which come from a mixture of tree and grass pollen, have made for tricky conditions for hay fever sufferers.

Dr Heather Gutekunst, from Allergy Partners of Raleigh, said that, while it looked dramatic, the visible pollen was probably not what was causing the most difficulty.

I just sneezed looking back at these pictures I snapped. #thisisnorthcarolina #spring #pollen

Posted by Andrea Blanford on Monday, April 8, 2019

She told ABC11: “The pine can bother some patients, but it’s a small percentage of patients compared to some of the things that we can’t see.

“The smaller pollen that’s invisible to the naked eye tends to be more of a trigger for the immune response than the larger pollen that we can see.”


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